Shatter Scatter Fusion Particles Tutorial

Particles in DaVinci Resolve Fusion never fail to amaze me.

I feel like they can do anything!

If you’re looking to add some spice to your motion graphics, this scatter effect is great.

One important takeaway here is you can create objects in 3D, then send a renderer to be the source image of your particles.

And even when using 2D particles, it will look very three dimensional.

You can apply this to some text and make a title explode into a cool pattern, or reverse the whole effect and have an object form from scattered particles.

In this video from Simon Ubsdell, you’ll learn about:

  • Adding a 3D shape
  • Loading a texture
  • Adding a 3D camera and Renderer
  • Linking parameters
  • Adding a Transform 3D and scaling a shape
  • Adding Particle nodes
  • Setting 3D camera scale
  • Setting particle movement with pTurbulence
  • Keyframing rotation
  • Sub-pixel rendering
  • Adding GradientForce

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