VFX Detail Cleanup with Frequency Separation

This is a powerful advanced skill for beauty and retouching work.

Frequency separation is the ability to separate the fine details (high frequencies) from the larger features (low frequencies) of an image.

By doing so, you’re able to independently manipulate them.

For example, you could paint out imperfections on a surface and composite the high frequencies back to make it look more natural.

Or you can remove some high frequencies to make a surface look smoother.

In this video from Millolab Tuts, you’ll learn about:

  • Separating high frequency details from an image
  • Adding the image back onto itself
  • Masking the image to apply the effect
  • Changing the mask to avoid spill
  • Painting a shape to apply effect
  • Removing a hair
  • Animating a mask

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