How to Create and Sync Proxies in DaVinci Resolve

Want to get rid of laggy editing? Use proxies.

Let me say it again: use proxies.

It’s not something only people with slower machines do. Professionals with fast workstations use them because when editing, sluggish playback costs time.

Not all codecs are optimized for playback in an NLE (h264 and h265, for example) so you’ll want to use something easier for your machine like ProRes or DNxHD.

You also may want to generate proxies to send a smaller version of camera media to a remote editor, colorist, or other collaborator.

Creating proxies are a great way of making reasonable-sized files that can be sent over the web with a service like MASV or

Resolve now includes the Blackmagic Proxy Generator app to make this process nearly automatic.

In this video from Blackmagic Design, you’ll learn about:

  • Launching Blackmagic Proxy Generator app
  • Choosing a folder of media
  • Selecting a codec
  • Generating proxies
  • Toggling between proxies and camera originals
  • Deleting and extracting proxy media

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