Tips for Using the Media Page

The media page may be more useful than you think.

Dragging clips into the media pool directly on the media page in DaVinci Resolve is pretty easy.

But if you need more control over your media, there’s lots you can do on the dedicated Media page.

You can navigate drives and folders, clone media, add metadata, create sub-clips, organized bins and media, and more.

I find that it’s a good place to start when dealing with projects that have lots of footage that needs to be organized.

In this video from MrAlexTech, you’ll learn about:

  • 00:24 Media Storage
  • 01:34 Favourites!
  • 02:36 Properties/Attributes
  • 04:12 Review (with Waveform!)
  • 04:50 Subclip Magic
  • 06:00 Importing Files/Folders
  • 07:47 Ripping Audio
  • 08:44 WARNING: Delete
  • 09:45 Clone Tool
  • 12:04 Scene Cut Detection (Studio only)
  • 13:25 Synching Audio
  • 14:45 Adjusting Audio

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