Creating Realistic Volumetrics Rays in Fusion

Making believable lighting in 3D is hard.

But if you want to take your VFX and motion graphics to the next level, lighting may be the key!

This is using an older version of Fusion but the tools are all the same. Keep in mind this is an advanced compositing tutorial, so be sure you are very familiar with Fusion before getting started.

In this video from Pirates of Confusion, you’ll learn about:

  • Configuring render settings
  • Creating additional renderers for multiple render passes
  • Adding an object to a lighting node
  • Adding directional blur and rays
  • Merging results with Channel Boolean, comparing with Merge tool
  • Compositing in smoke & snow elements
  • Bringing back reflections
  • Linking light position to other tools
  • Adding glow
  • Final export with gamma transform and LUT

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