How to Resize Mismatched Resolutions

Seeing some black bars on the top or sides of your footage? That’s because your footage doesn’t match the resolution or aspect ratio of your timeline.

Your timeline resolution should match your intended output. That could be for an instagram video or cinemascope for theatrical projection.

But you could be shooting in any number of formats so you’ll want to make sure to fit the footage to your timeline size.

This may mean you lose some pixels on either side of your image, but you can also reposition the clip to get the exact framing you want.

Fortunately, DaVinci Resolve makes this super easy with various settings you can apply to your whole project or just individual clips.

In this video from Team 2 Films, you’ll learn about:

  • Checking clip resolution in Metadata panel
  • Setting input scaling in Project Settings
  • Setting scaling for individual clips in the Inspector
  • The different scaling options available

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