Color Grading with a Depth Map

Isolating images by color is easy with a key, but what about by depth?

Previously this could require roto, but now Resolve makes it easy.

The Depth Map tool in DaVinci Resolve, thanks to the Neural Engine, allows you to isolate parts of the image based on how far away they are from the camera.

You can now choose to grade only the foreground or only the background without roto, windows, or keys… or a complex combo of all of them.

This feature is only available in the Studio version.

It’s a handy tool. Have you tried it yet?

In this video from Ripple Training, you’ll learn about:

  • 00:00 – Advanced Color Grading in Resolve 18
  • 01:20 – Adding the Depth Map Effect
  • 02:30 – Choosing a Quality Level
  • 02:53 – Isolating Elements in the Image
  • 03:28 – Augmenting the Selection with Curves
  • 04:01 – Adjusting Depth Map for other Objects
  • 04:39 – Adding Another Depth Map Instance
  • 05:27 – Post Processing

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