Using The Ripple Trim Feature for Faster Editing

Here’s a quick tip to speed up your editing.

When editing a timeline, you may spend a lot of time dragging the ends of the clip to the length you want. Ripple Delete can helps, practice helps too.

But if you’re using your mouse for each clip over and over again, you could be doing a lot of extra actions that can be avoided with a simple shortcut.

If you’re looking for them in the menu, the exact commands are “Ripple End to Playhead” and “Ripple Start to Playhead”.

You just place your playhead where you want to trim and the start or end will be deleted and the timeline rippled. Saves me tons of time.

In this video from Casey Faris, you’ll learn about:

  • The old way of doing things
  • Using the Ripple Trim feature
  • Shortcut: CMD + SHIFT + [
  • Creating a keyboard shortcut

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