Using Retime Controls to Create Speed Ramps, Freeze Frames, and more

The retime controls in DaVinci Resolve let you easily change the speed of a clip.

But that’s not all, you can change the speed within a clip to create speed ramps. So you can go from slow motion to fast and back. Or slow, fast, and faster.

It’s a very flexible and useful feature that lets you do quite a lot!

There’s presets in there too that can do rewind effects, freeze frame, and more.

In this video from Chris Roberts Video Production & Training, you’ll learn about:

  • 00:16 Opening and using the Retime Controls
  • 01:15 Rippling Timeline
  • 01:46 Adding Speed Points
  • 02:33 Changing speed segment
  • 03:03 Custom speed segment
  • 03:57 Repositioning Speed Points
  • 04:22 Retime Curve
  • 05:30 Adding Bezier Handles
  • 06:00 Freeze Frame
  • 07:00 Rewind

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