Text-Based Editing Using Transcription

Being able to edit based on text from audio transcriptions can change the way you edit.

Want to edit text and have it turn into a video? Now you can.

Any clip’s audio can be transcribed in the media pool. Then you can remove the parts you don’t want and add those clips to your timeline!

I’ve already used the remove silences feature to give me a quicker start editing a video, but editing the text itself is a great idea.

The final tip in the video is a great way to use this when you have many talking head / interview clips to edit.

In this video from Chris Roberts Video Production & Training, you’ll learn about:

  • 00:19 Transcribe Audio
  • 01:15 Transcription window
  • 02:08 Navigating using the Transcription window
  • 02:44 Editing the Transcription
  • 03:23 Search and Replace
  • 04:03 Marking Transcription
  • 05:20 Create Subclips
  • 05:36 Transcription window in the Edit page
  • 05:58 Remove Silent Portions
  • 06:16 Manually Removing Portions
  • 07:43 Transcribing a source timeline

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