Creating an IMF Package in DaVinci Resolve

Are you ready to create deliverables for a streaming platform?

A common format for online platforms is an IMF, or Interoperable Master Format.

If you’re delivering for YouTube, you don’t need this. But when working in a professional post house, this is a great workflow to master.

In this video created for Netflix by Diego Yham√°, you’ll learn about:

00:00 – Introduction
00:29 – Why IMF?
02:14 – Project setup for IMF
05:54 – Importing files
06:58 – Creating a timeline for IMF
07:41 – Netflix IMF Delivery Specifications
09:03 – Audio configuration for IMF
13:43 – Adding Dolby Vision metadata
15:33 – Deliver an IMF package
17:35 – Audio route for rendering IMF
19:20 – QC review for IMF package in Resolve
22:00 – QC review for IMF package in the explorer

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