Lowepost Announces Ravengrade – PowerGrade Pack Pre-Orders

The team at Lowepost, trusted education site for post-production, has announced their own pack of looks for DaVinci Resolve

It’s Ravengrade, a pack of PowerGrade preset looks made by various colorists.

Filmmakers may be inundated with LUT packs available online from less-than-reputable sources, so having looks developed by colorists in PowerGrade form is nice to see.

Here’s the announcement from the Lowepost Forum:

We, Lowepost have challenged a selection of the worlds best colorists and color scientists out there to create a collection of “looks” for DaVinci Resolve. That will result in a product called Ravengrade.com with official release in Q1 2022.

It’s now open for pre-order and the first 100 will get the product for a highly discounted price ($69).

Why pre-order?

The price of this premium product will increase several times before it’s officially released, and customers who pre-order will get access to an extra set of looks that will not be possible to buy after official release.

The looks and participating colorists in the project have yet to be announced, but I’m excited to see it once released!

Pre-order and learn more by visiting Ravengrade.com

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