What Beginners Get Wrong About Scopes

Still struggling with scopes? This may help.

Scopes are a colorists best friend, but don’t try to appease the scopes by stretching your image to the top and bottom of the waveform.

Use the science of the scopes to inform your art. Remember that the image has to look good to your eye.

When you’ve finished, the client needs to be happy. The scopes won’t care either way.

In this video from Learn Color Grading, you’ll learn about:

  • When not to stretch the scopes
  • Whether to balance the highlights or not
  • To crush the shadows or not
  • Creating contrast without blowing out highlights
  • When not to match
  • What you can’t see using scopes
  • How channels affect each other with and without using luma mix
  • What point to set shadows

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