Creating Embers With The Fusion Particle System

Particles are on of Fusion’s super powers. With these tools, you can generate a virtually unlimited amount of effects.

You can use it to animate a number of custom shapes, create smoke effects, or a starry sky.

Here you can see how to create embers and sparks from a fire. A great addition to motion graphics or VFX work.

While this tutorial is using Fusion Studio, you should be able to follow along with the same nodes using DaVinci Resolve.

In this video from statix vfx, you’ll learn about:

  • Adjusting pEmitter settings
  • Changing paths with pTurbulence
  • Creating an ember sprite with background and mask
  • Modulating color over time
  • Setting a view with a 3D camera
  • Accumulation effects
  • 3D depth of field
  • Adjusting camera settings

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