Generating Stills and Freeze Frames

Want to save a still? Here’s how.

Still serve different purposes, and there’s lots of methods to create them.

You can generate a still from your timeline as an image to share with a client or collaborator, or you can save stills in your gallery on the color page to reference work you’ve done.

You may also want a freeze frame of your footage in your timeline.

All these and more are easily possible in DaVinci Resolve…

In this video from CameraTim, you’ll learn about:

  • 00:00 1. Intro to Freeze Framing
  • 00:43 1a. Freeze Frame on the Cut Page
  • 01:48 1b. Edit Method 1 – Change Clip Speed
  • 02:56 1c. Edit Method 2 – Retime Controls
  • 03:39 1d. Fusion Method – Time Stretcher
  • 04:26 2. Still Image Exports – Cut and Edit Pages
  • 04:55 2a. Fusion Page: “Save Image”
  • 05:26 2b. Color Page: Grab Still/Export

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