Improving Performance with Proxy & Optimized Media

Want smooth playback for your projects?

Then you should be using proxy files or optimized media.

This isn’t a last resort to improve playback. This should be one of the first media management items you do!

Editors for large Hollywood movies don’t edit using uncompressed media, why should you?

Beyond knowing you should, it’s also helpful to understand how to generate, link, or re-link proxy files.

In this video from VFXstudy you’ll learn about:

  • 01:32 Project Setup
  • 03:58 Proxy Media Settings
  • 07:20 Generating and linking Proxy Files
  • 12:18 Proxy vs Timeline Resolution
  • 13:55 Proxy Media & Fusion
  • 18:09 Search and Filter for Proxies
  • 20:19 Optimized media
  • 30:02 Proxy Workflow with Fusion Loader Nodes

Now you know!

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