Simple Sky Replacement VFX in Fusion

So your video is action packed, but the background is boring? You may want to try a sky replacement.

There’s a lot you can plan on a shoot, but the weather is usually unpredictable. Getting a visually pleasing amount of clouds while recording is pure luck, but this effect is a simple and common way to make your clip look better!

This can be used subtly for adding more clouds, or for changing your setting to another planet.

Resolve has a Sky Replacement Effect you could use on the color page, but this method in Fusion allows for more control and the ability to deal with more difficult keying tasks.

In this video from Casey Faris, you’ll learn about:

  • How to set up your comp
  • Masking with a Polygon
  • Keying with DeltaKeyer
  • Refining your mask’s edges
  • Getting a cleaner result with MatteControl
  • Using the Planar Tracker

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  1. Great! Works fine. I have just one problem. When I plug my mask in the merge it doesn’t work. Plugging the mask in the ‘delta keyer’ does the job for me.


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