New Fusion Features in DaVinci Resolve 18.6

The recent 18.6 Update includes many exciting new features, especially if you make motion graphics.

The addition of the Polygon Shape tool (sPolygon) allows you to draw your own custom shape and modify it with the resolution-independent shape tools.

Then turn it, or any other shape, into a 3D object with the new Extrude3D node. This is super handy for turning your logo into a cool 3D motion graphic.

There are also additional USD tools, which increases Fusion’s capabilities for importing and editing 3D models and scenes from 3D modeling apps.

And lots more!

In this video from VFXstudy, you’ll learn about:

  • 00:36 sPolygon – Draw Shape from Polygons
  • 01:41 Turn Polygons and Vector Graphics into Shapes
  • 02:42 Extrude Shapes into 3D
  • 04:16 Resolve FX in Fusion Studio
  • 05:42 Relight FX in Fusion
  • 08:00 More USD Tools
  • 08:42 Selecting Primitives / uVisibility
  • 09:59 Navigating Scene Path / uReplaceMaterial
  • 11:22 MaterialX System

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