Extruding a Logo in 3D with Fusion

Until recently, there weren’t many tools for manipulating 3D shapes in Fusion.

Now there are more being added! One of those great tools is Extrude3D. This allows you to give some depth to shapes you create, so they are a nice looking 3D object and not just a flat plane.

You could previously do this with the Text+ tool, and now you’re able to do the same to any shape you want to create.

One great way to use this is creating a 3D version of your logo or an icon for motion graphics.

You can do this by importing an SVG image or drawing with the shape tools in Fusion.

In this video from Casey Faris, you’ll learn about:

  • Creating blank Fusion composition
  • Importing an SVG image
  • Expanding SVG group to see the contents
  • Adding an Polygon Shape node (sPolygon)
  • How to use the Extrude3D Node
  • Importing Shape to sPolygon tool
  • Masking a shape with sBoolean
  • Customizing the logo

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