Beginner’s Guide to Creating DaVinci Resolve Presets

Want to make a title that you can save and use again and again? You can create a custom preset and do just that.

This can be done for any Fusion creation – even effects – and is really useful for a tool you want to reuse.

Once done, you’ll have these presets in your Effects panel on the edit page so you can easily add it to your timeline.

You’ll even be able to adjust the settings in the inspector without having to go back to Fusion.

In this video from MrAlexTech, you’ll learn about:

  • 01:10 Create Text+
  • 02:53 Saving Template
  • 05:26 OpenFX
  • 07:21 Saving Macro
  • 09:43 Save Multiple
  • 12:26 SquareSpace
  • 13:28 Boom!
  • 13:56 Tidy Up!

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