New Seamless Zoom Tool From MrAlexTech

Resolve gives you a lot of control of your image, but it’s not always quick or easy to do.

Dynamic transitions and zooms can add a certain flair to a video…

But when editing with quick turnaround times, sometimes customization can take too long.

But thanks to some smart creators, we have excellent plugins to choose from!

MrAlexTech has just released v3 of his Magic Zoom tool, now called Seamless Zoom. And it looks really handy!

You’re now able to drag the effect onto a clip or Adjustment Clip and add zooms with all sorts of options.

This can be really useful for screenshares, talking head videos, or anything where you want to add some quick dynamic motion.

The Zoom tool is available as a pay-what-you-want download, including $0 if you want. But if you can, send Alex some money for this great tool!

Click here to learn more or download.

Here’s another video with some ideas for how to use it:

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