Motion Tracking Basics

Want to pin some text or a graphic to something in your footage? You’ll want to track it.

Of course you can move something frame by frame, but let’s let’s DaVinci Resolve do some of the work.

Tracking is one of the most commonly used VFX techniques for compositing, so you’ll want to get familiar with it.

While you can use it to follow several objects, steady your shot, and more, this beginner tutorial will help you with the basics: tracking a single point.

In this video from Casey Faris, you’ll learn about:

  • Opening a clip in the Fusion page
  • Merging Text over footage
  • Adding a Tracker node
  • Setting up the search pattern
  • Resizing the search area
  • Running the tracker forwards and backwards
  • Match Move Operation
  • Tracking graphics

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