Basic Motion Graphics Animations in Fusion

Want to learn how to animate a logo for a video?

Using some basic motion graphics design techniques in Fusion, you can make a pretty cool intro for a video.

Once you understand the basic types of nodes and how to use them, you can do a lot very quickly.

It’s worth spending some time following along with this video and fiddling with more settings along the way so you get a solid grasp of the essential Fusion tools.

In this video from Casey Faris, you’ll learn about:

  • Adding a background
  • Hiding page navigation
  • Adding image from media pool
  • Resizing with Transform
  • Keyframe basics
  • Changing settings in Keyframe Panel
  • Isolating parts of the logo with masks
  • Masking animation
  • Creating easing animation with Splines
  • Canvas sizing
  • Drawing a polygon mask
  • Creating texture with FastNoise
  • Animating with Expressions

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