Meteor Impact VFX in Fusion

Explosions are fun! And great results are achievable using Fusion’s compositing tools.

This is a great example combining several different tools and processes needed for VFX work.

You can see the problem solving skills in choosing tools, tracking, and then adding the various impact elements used in the shot.

These tools and principles can be used for impacts and explosions of all kinds.

Notice how many elements are re-used or linked with a number of different methods, highlighting the advantages of working in a node-based system.

To follow along you’d need to be pretty familiar with Fusion already, so if you’re not too advanced, just watch as an example of what’s possible.

In this video from ActionVFX, you’ll learn about:

  • 00:50 Planning the shot
  • 01:28 3D Camera tracking
  • 04:42 Compositing the meteor in 3D space
  • 06:55 Adding the dust explosions
  • 10:07 Adding more debris
  • 11:40 Creating the shockwave effect
  • 13:02 Compositing the second meteor
  • 15:24 Adding more details to the dust
  • 17:25 Third meteor
  • 17:54 Final touches

You can get the stock VFX elements used here at ActionVFX.

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