Organize Color Grades with Groups in DaVinci Resolve

When you have a long timeline of similar shots, using groups to organize them will save you time.

Groups are one of DaVinci Resolve’s great organization features that will help you manage your color grades.

How you group is up to you and the needs of your project.

You could group everything from one camera, or in the same location, or from one particular angle, or a type of shot.

However you choose to do it, you can now easily grade all the shots in a group at once. This is very handy for applying the same balancing operations, or applying a look to a whole scene.

In this video from Team 2 Films, you’ll learn about:

  • Creating a new group
  • How to add a clip to a group
  • Additional group node areas
  • Node order of operations
  • Creating a smart filter
  • Grading pre-clip
  • Grading post-clip

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