Ripple The Timeline with Trim Edit Mode for Faster Edits

Are you constantly moving everything in your timeline before or after adjusting the length of a single clip?

You don’t need to.

There is a way to adjust the length of a clip and have it pull in or push back the rest of the timeline.

This is called a Ripple.

Using Trim Edit mode gives you access to this and a number of other great features to quickly adjust clips without having to move other clips around too.

In this video from Jay Lippman, you’ll learn about:

  • 00:22 Why I’m Making this Video
  • 00:50 How to Access Trim Edit Mode
  • 01:00 Trim Edit Mode Primary Functions
  • 01:12 Ripple Trimming
  • 01:36 BONUS: Ripple Delete
  • 01:53 Roll Trimming
  • 02:22 Slip Editing
  • 03:12 Slide Editing
  • 03:37 What’s the Point?

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