Best Recording Settings for Your Mic

When recording audio directly into DaVinci Resolve, you’ll want to make sure you’re setting your levels correctly.

Recording into Resolve is a quick way to add voiceover, foley, or temporary audio to be changed later.

If your levels are too loud or too quiet, you’ll have a harder time making it sound good when editing so learn the ins and outs of monitoring your levels and you’ll get great sound in no time!

In this video from Jason Yadlovski, you’ll learn about:

  • 0:00 Meter VoiceOvers the Right Way!
  • 0:42 Pre-Fader VS Post-Fader
  • 1:52 Set Pre-Fader Metering in Resolve
  • 2:23 Post-Fader Explained
  • 3:36 Setting Meters to Read Pre-Fader
  • 4:16 Pre Fader Explained
  • 4:50 Fader WILL Effect Bus1
  • 5:15 How to Adjust Mic Input Levels (without Faders)
  • 6:04 Path Settings for Gain Levels
  • 6:39 Recommended Gain Levels for VO
  • 7:10 Record Level vs Trim
  • 8:35 Turn OFF Pre-Fader Metering When Done!!!!

You can learn more from Jason in his course, Audio Essentials for Video Editors.

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