How to Master Keyboard Shortcuts in DaVinci Resolve

Keyboard shortcuts are one of the fastest ways to speed up your work.

You can find lots of options in DaVinci Resolve on screen or in various menus, but nothing beats pressing a button or two.

Videos like this are great because there may be features you use all the time but hunt for it in the menu.

There may even be features you didn’t know existed!

Once you find something you use regularly, take a moment to memorize the shortcut and practice using it.

Or create a new shortcut for it that will be easier for you to remember.

In this video from Camera Tim, you’ll learn about:

  • 00:00 The “Short” Intro
  • 00:41 Finding Keyboard Customization
  • 00:51 Split Clip
  • 01:11 Select Nearest Clip/All Clips Under Playhead
  • 01:41 Select Clips Forward/Backward on This/All Tracks
  • 02:28 Deselect All
  • 02:41 Enable/Disable Clip
  • 03:09 Auto Track Selector
  • 04:15 Track Destination Selection
  • 04:53 Select Edit Points (Type/Nearest)
  • 05:44 Extend Edit
  • 06:31 Ripple End/Start to Playhead
  • 08:18 Linked Selection/Link Clips
  • 09:52 Nudge
  • 10:26 Add Transitions
  • 11:24 Insert/Smart Insert
  • 12:24 Move Clips Up/Down
  • 13:09 Auto Sync Based On Waveform
  • 13:31 Delete Empty Tracks
  • 13:41 Delete Gaps
  • 13:52 Convert to Multicam Clip
  • 14:30 Multicam Cut/Switch
  • 15:25 JKL (Reverse/Stop/Play)
  • 16:00 Freeze Frame/Change Clip Speed

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