Evaluating 3D Keyer for Green Screen

DaVinci Resolve includes a 3D Keyer OFX tool, is it any good for green screen keying?

Let’s find out.

For a complex shot or best quality VFX results, you’ll likely want to use a full compositing tool like Fusion. But that’s not always what you need!

For creating a quick or temporary composite right in the Edit page, using the 3D Keyer effect may do the trick.

If you want a complete guide to how the 3D Keyer works and how it compares with other options, this is the tutorial for you!

In this video from VFXstudy, you’ll learn about:

  • 00:48 – Simple Green Screen Keying with 3D Keyer
  • 05:17 – HSL Qualifier
  • 08:28 – 3D Keyer for HSL selection
  • 12:29 – Tuning the Key Parameters
  • 14:49 – Matte Finesse
  • 17:55 – HSL vs RGB vs 3D on Green Screen
  • 21:35 – Color Difference – Advantange of the Delta Keyer
  • 23:18 – Working with uneven Background
  • 27:57 – Further Advantages for advanced Keying in Fusion

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