Organizing Multi-Track Audio in Fairlight

Working with lots of tracks?

It can be easy to get lost with a big project. With a little bit of setup, you can make your job easier.

By being able to toggle tracks, group, and create busses you’ll be managing large mixes in no time.

The example here is for music, but many items will be relevant when dealing with any kind of project.

In this video from Jason Yadlovski, you’ll learn about:

  • 0:00 Get Organized
  • 1:48 Hide Tracks We Don’t Want to See
  • 2:42 Hide vs Delete Tracks – The WHY
  • 3:23 Color Coding
  • 5:13 Group Similar Tracks
  • 5:59 Name Tracks
  • 6:29 Setup Keys Bus
  • 7:31 Sending to Bus
  • 8:17 Group Tracks to Link Faders
  • 9:08 Drum Bus
  • 9:34 Send Drums to Drums Bus

Learn more from Jason in his course, Audio Essentials for Video Editors in DaVinci Resolve.

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