Recommended Node Tree For Color Grading

How many nodes do I need?

This is a common question for those newer to color. The answer could be, “as many as you need.”

Many colorists build themselves a fixed node tree. A structured order of operations so that the same types of adjustments are done on the same node for each shot.

This gives you a consistent workflow and can help speed up your work.

But the nodes and the order is largely going to be defined by what sort of work needs to be done and your preferences.

In this video from Darren Mostyn, you’ll learn about:

  • Setup
  • Adding a color space transform
  • Building Node 1
  • What is an OOTF
  • Creating parallel nodes
  • Extra Nodes
  • Grade Nodes
  • Grading process using this node tree

You can also see more examples of node tree templates from other professionals in the Fixed Node Tree Collection from PixelTools.

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