Combining Keys in Fusion – Advanced Green Screen Tip

A perfectly shot green screen is very difficult.

Most of the time, getting a good key from a green screen is more complicated than just choosing a color to key and it all just magically works.

That could be ok for quick and dirty composites, but when you want feature-film-quality work, you may need to do a few passes.

The idea is to create multiple mattes from keying different parts of the subject, that you then combine to create the perfect key.

It’s a smart way to work, and saves you from fiddling forever trying to make just one key work.

In this video from Casey Faris, you’ll learn about:

  • Keying with the Delta Keyer
  • Refining the matte
  • Viewing over a temporary background
  • Doing another key with 2nd Delta Keyer
  • Using a Matte Control node to combine mattes
  • Using a mask to control where the 2nd key is applied
  • Example of several combined keys.

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