Keyframing Your Color Grades in DaVinci Resolve

Do you have a shot that changes lighting conditions? Your grade might need to change too.

The color controls are mostly per clip, but there is a way to use keyframes for nodes.

It may not be obvious, as they are in a panel usually where you keep your scopes. But by selecting the keyframe panel, you’re able to change any tool over time.

The easiest way is to set the key output gain (the transparency) of a node over time, so you only need to keyframe one parameter.

In this video from JayAreTV, you’ll learn about:

  • When a static grade isn’t enough
  • Types of keyframes
  • Finding the keyframes panel
  • Turning on keyframing
  • Adjusting key output gain
  • Adjusting keyframe position
  • Difference between Static and Dynamic
  • Changing dynamic keyframe attributes

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