Beginner’s Guide to Resolve Color Page

Want to learn Color Grading in DaVinci Resolve?

Resolve contains a full professional suite of tools with more power than can be learned quickly… but you don’t need to learn everything right away.

Getting started is actually fairly accessible, you’ll just need a good explanation of how to use it.

Lucky for you, I’ve got one right here.

In this excellent overview from Darren Mostyn, you’ll learn:

  • Navigating to the color page
  • Learning the interface
  • All about the gallery
  • Getting acquainted with the viewer
  • Introduction to working with nodes
  • Explanation of the main grading tools
  • Overview of a few secondary tools

If you’re following along, you might want to pause to play around with each tool and then come back to the video again.

Once you get going, you may find that color grading is fun!

What questions about the color page do you have? Leave a comment below!

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