Advanced 3D Gyroscope Shape Animation in Fusion

While many 3D professionals will tell you that Fusion isn’t meant for modeling, you can create some pretty cool shapes with the 3D tools.

This is great for motion graphics, but can be applied to VFX as well.

Once you’re comfortable with Fusion’s tools, following the process in a video like this can help you learn what’s really possible.

You can always do more than you think!

In this video from Simon Ubsdell, you’ll learn about:

  • Creating an Ellipse with the Shape tools
  • Turning shapes into 3D objects with Extrude3D
  • Animating with an expression
  • Duplicating the object
  • Adding lights and camera
  • Adding additional shapes
  • Adding a material and texture with CookTorrance
  • Adjusting texture with LumaKeyer
  • Merging multiple renders
  • Enabling render channels
  • Adding glow
  • Animating the camera with splines
  • Enabling motion blur

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