Convert PNG image into 3D in Fusion

If you’ve ever wanted to take a logo and make a 3D motion graphic, this is for you.

It’s easy to take an image in Fusion in 3D space, but extruding it into a 3D object hasn’t been easy.

You’d either have to recreate it using 3D text or objects, or create a 3D object in another app and bring in the 3D object.

But there is a solution to do it all in DaVinci Resolve with some tools you can find in Reactor.

Now you can do all sorts of 3D effects with your logo for creating custom intros, outros, or any other type of motion graphics.

In this video from Camera Tim, you’ll learn about:

  • 00:26 Download Reactor and sPolygon Converter
  • 00:48 Install Reactor with VectorSnapshot
  • 01:25 Install sPolygon
  • 01:46 sPolygon file path for Mac
  • 01:55 Creating Fusion Comp
  • 02:17 Using VectorSnapshot
  • 03:19 Importing the SVG created from VectorSnapshot
  • 03:56 Using the sPolygon Converter
  • 04:20 First fix for improper SVG sizing – sTransform
  • 04:48 Using Buffers for Preview Wipe
  • 05:39 Cutting Out Subtractive Masks
  • 07:44 What is sBoolean?
  • 08:08 Preview and modify 3D logo
  • 08:30 Adding material back into the 3D logo
  • 09:39 Quick 3D Scene example
  • 10:12 Setup for PNG without transparency
  • 11:52 Second fix for improper SVG sizing – .bmp file
  • 13:30 Fixing improper material sizing

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  1. Looks like a cool tool.
    Something must have changed with the Fusion structure and scripts.
    Can’t get it to generate the svg file even after multiple attempts. Only getting the white bmp file in the tmp folder.


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