Exporting a PSD from Affinity Photo to Resolve

Want to export your graphic designs but still have the ability to manipulate each layer?

Fusion has a PSD import functionality that lets you do just that.

But aren’t PSDs a photoshop file? Why is this about Affinity Photo?

Good question…

Yes, PSD is the photoshop format but many photo and graphic design apps are able to import and export with that format.

Also, Affinity Photo is an excellent graphic design and photo manipulation software.

Chances are if you’re using Resolve to avoid an Adobe monthly subscription, you’ll be interested in just paying once for your photo editing apps too.

Now all that being said, check out the video from Digital Vector Studios showing you:

  • How to export PSD files from Affinity Photo
  • A few ways not to import to Resolve
  • The best way to import so you can toggle and edit layers
  • Exploring the ways you can edit each layer in Fusion

This workflow can be very helpful for creating and importing assets for motion graphics and some VFX shots.

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