Add Explosions With VFX Assets

When compositing VFX, it’s important to note that you don’t always need to create everything from scratch.

In fact… you shouldn’t. It takes a lot of time to create everything yourself and you might not have much time. Especially when clients have deadlines and movies have premieres.

This advanced video from ActionVFX is a nice walk-through of an added explosion, debris, and burning smoke trail. The video mostly uses their elements (which are really good) but you can also find similar stock elements elsewhere.

In the video we learn:

  • Tracking a shot’s movement with planar tracking
  • Adjusting speed of stock elements to match the clip
  • Using bitmap tool to mask out items
  • Adjusting colors & brightness to make it all match
  • Adding camera shake for extra impact
  • Using Fusion’s particle system to create a burning smoke trail

The whole things moves pretty quickly, so it may take some pausing to get all the details if you’re trying to follow along with a similar shot.

Have fun blowing things up!

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