Noisy Post Releases 5.1 & Stereo Fairlight Template

If you are an audio engineer, editor, or anyone using Fairlight for complex projects, this is worth checking out.

Benni Knop of Noisy Post has just released an epic template for Fairlight.

When repeatedly working with complex projects and lots of tracks that serve unique functions, there’s no use recreating everything from scratch each time you do it.

Having a system keeps you organized, and a template lets you use that system quickly and could save you minutes or even hours of prep time.

That way, you can focus on the creative stuff!

There’s a lot baked into this template, but here’s the most important thing to say about it:

It’s only $9 to learn and use the in-depth project setup of a sound professional.

Sounds like a deal to me!

The template includes 5.1 surround and stereo setup, Tracks types for every purpose, breakout of stems for dialogue/effects/foley/ambience/music, and more.

There’s also video instructions so you can put it to use for your sound design and mixing projects.

To learn more or purchase, click here to visit the Fairlight Template page from Noisy Post.

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