Complete Fusion Compositing Workflow

Want to see a whole composite take shape in Fusion?

Getting a full walk through of a project is a great way to understand the process of creating a shot, and how you should think about compositing.

Whether you’re creating VFX of Motion Graphics, this workflow in DaVinci Resolve’s Fusion page is worth referencing.

Be sure to take note of the techniques that are common to many shots you may work on in the future, like masking, tracking, stabilizing, and how to organize your nodes.

In this video from Team 2 Films, you’ll learn about:

  • 01:15 Footage Setup
  • 03:10 Magic Mask
  • 06:42 Camera Plate
  • 08:58 Background Plate
  • 12:47 Planar Tracker
  • 15:11 Screen and EVF
  • 20:02 Planar Tracker Pt2
  • 23:56 Stabilisation
  • 29:21 Manual Alignment
  • 33:07 Lightwrap
  • 34:24 Compositing
  • 37:06 Performance
  • 37:52 Conclusion

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