DaVinci Resolve 18.5 Beta 2 Update

The next version of 18.5 beta is here, with a few improvements.

Looks like improved encoding quality on some clips, better Blackmagic Presentation performance, and more USD features in Fusion.

You can download the new version on the Blackmagic Design Support page.

From Blackmagic Design:

18.5 public beta 2 which adds improvements to beta 1 release features, including better quality when encoding AAC audio, improved consistency when decoding H.264 and H.265 clips on some Windows and AMD systems and more reliable syncing of Blackmagic Presentation markers. For Fusion, public beta 2 includes additional shading options in the Universal Scene Descriptor viewer and better control visibility options when working with uCamera. We’d like to thank everyone for the great feedback we have received. It’s been very helpful. Please continue to submit beta feedback on the Blackmagic Design forum.

Note that 18.5 does not require a database upgrade but individual projects will be upgraded to work with 18.5 and cannot be opened by older versions.

Back up your projects and database before upgrading!

Remember that this is still in beta, so be careful of using it on important projects.

Report bugs to Blackmagic in the DaVinci Resolve Beta Forum.

What’s new in DaVinci Resolve 18.5 b2

• Ability to perform hardware accelerated AV1 encode on AMD systems on DaVinci Resolve.
• Improved bitrate and quality when encoding AAC audio in Windows 11.
• Addressed an issue with syncing Blackmagic Presentations markers in DaVinci Resolve.
• Addressed an issue with temp and tint wheel sensitivity on the micro and mini panels.
• Addressed an issue with composite mode being applied on disabled nodes.
• Addressed issue with setting color space in the media pool for color managed timelines.
• Addressed an issue with magic mask tracking after rippling node changes.
• Node graph composite mode live preview with Alt/Option.
• Addressed incorrect gamma when caching to Apple ProRes 4444 on Apple Silicon.
• Addressed an issue with viewing subtitle controls in inspector in the cut page.
• Addressed an issue with crop in the Resolve FX Transform plugin.
• Addressed an issue with toggling visibility for markers using keyboard shortcuts.
• Addressed an issue with line spacing with imported SRT files.
• Addressed an issue with playback speed variance when switching to cinema viewer.
• Addressed audio playback issues when changing clip speed with pitch correction.
• Addressed an issue with external Dolby Atmos renderer metadata in fixed bus mode.
• Addressed an issue with applying Dolby Atmos master gain on exports.
• Addressed incorrect sync point offset when copying and pasting in range mode.
• Addressed incorrect colors for edit groups created from the track index.
• Addressed a decode issue for H.264 clips on some Windows systems.
• Addressed an issue with H.265 playback performance on some AMD systems.
• Addressed an issue with offline audio clips in an OpenTimelineIO import.
• Addressed an issue with OpenTimelineIO export in DaVinci Resolve.
• Addressed issues with per-timeline overrides for disabling Fusion tone mapping.
• Addressed dragging of media pool assets to Fusion inspector.
• Additional shading options in Fusion viewer dropdown.
• Additional control visibility options to Fusion uCamera.
• Overlays for the viewed camera are now hidden in the USD viewer.
• Click viewer dropdown to toggle between camera and scene lights.
• Support for film back fitting options in uRenderer.
• Addressed an issue with clamped highlights in some Fusion viewer LUTs.
• Addressed an issue inserting tools without outputs into an existing pipe.
• Addressed an issue with reloading invalid paths in uLoader.
• Addressed an issue with uRenderer cameras list.
• Addressed an issue when copying PoV from an existing scene camera.
• Addressed an issue with 3D and USD viewer labels in some languages.
• Scripting API support to create subtitles from timeline audio.
• Scripting API support to transcribe source clips.
• General performance and stability improvements.