PixelTools Releases Exposure PowerGrade Collection

Have you ever wanted to easily adjust exposure of your shots just like the way you would on set?

The language of traditional photography refers to stops of light.

The tools change once you get into post, but they don’t have to.

PixelTools has released their new Exposure Collection with tools to help you quickly and accurately adjust exposure using stops.

There are two versions available, Basic and Pro.

The basic version has 12 PowerGrades for adjusting exposure using the built-in HDR panel, and is compatible with both Free and Studio versions of Resolve.


The pro version includes a DCTL tool and is only compatible with Resolve Studio.

I’ve had the chance to try it out and it’s very simple to use, and also effective. Just enough options to adjust exposure of the overall image and controlling the shadows as well.

One big advantage of using the DCTL is that you can map it to be used on the Resolve Mini Panel for very quick adjustments.

Pro includes 17 PowerGrades, one for each tone curve.

The basic version is a one time payment of $29.99, and pro a single payment of $59.99.

To learn more or purchase, click here to check out the PixelTools Exposure Collection.

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