VFX Compositing – How to Replace A Billboard in DaVinci Resolve

Changing the signage in a location is a great way to make it fit for your movie.

You might consider doing this to remove logos you’re not allowed to use, or to make the location feel like another place or time period.

But not everyone is allowed to hang a new billboard, so VFX is a cost-effective solution.

You can use this technique to change what’s on a screen, window sign, movie poster, or giant billboard.

In this video from Casey Faris, you’ll learn about:

  • Choosing a photo to composite
  • Merging new image over background
  • Using Corner Positioner tool to place the image
  • Adding glow
  • Adding noise by blending the background over the new billboard
  • Tracking movement with Planar Tracker
  • Re-adding other effects over the Planar Tracker

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