The Complete History of DaVinci Resolve

Ever wondered about the journey DaVinci Resolve has taken over the years?

While popularity is growing, it’s not new. And the path hasn’t been linear.

The software has come a long way since it began, and Blackmagic Design has had a major impact on changing what Resolve fundamentally is.

If you’re ready for a walk down memory lane, definitely give this a watch.

In this video from Learn Color Grading you’ll learn about:

  • The very beginnings in 1982
  • Rebranding to DaVinci
  • New hardware in the 90s
  • The first Resolve
  • Blackmagic’s acquisition
  • Resolve Lite
  • Acquisition of Fusion & Fairlight
  • Present day
  • The future?

1 thought on “The Complete History of DaVinci Resolve”

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  1. Great history, Thanks !
    I’ve met DaVinci for the first time in 1992, in a post-production Company which has one at this time, here in Paris. It was owned by José Clipet, who came from standart argentic Laboratory (Eclair), and who was precursor, for sure. He’s got a Paintbox too… and an Impulse (Thomson Broadcast) 4:2:2 video mixer.
    Then, I’ve learned editing on AvidLiquid, and dreamed at that time to have Combustion (DiscreetLogic) integrated in the software.
    So exciting to use DVR, so powerful. Such a great job !
    Hope to find some projects to work with.


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