Essential Time-Saving Tips & Tricks for DaVinci Resolve

Once you’ve got the basics of editing down, it’s a good time to find more features to speed up your work!

DaVinci Resolve has all sorts of smart features, some of the hidden, to help you get more done.

It’s a good idea to click around and explore…

But if you don’t have time for that, how about a tour of some really useful ones?

In this video from MrAlexTech, you’ll learn about:

  • 00:20 Project Default Settings
  • 01:49 Importing FOLDERS
  • 03:40 Duplicate TIMELINE
  • 04:14 PORTRAIT Timeline
  • 05:03 SCALING
  • 06:20 TITLE Presets
  • 08:44 MORE PRESETS!
  • 10:08 POWER BINS
  • 11:11 Adjustment Clips
  • 13:50 Export Presets
  • 14:50 MULTIPLE Render

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