Proxy Media vs Optimized Media

Proxy media vs Optimized media – what’s the difference?

They’re similar in a lot of ways. Both are about making smaller files that are easier for your computer to play so you can work faster.

Either way, use one of these. Yes, even Hollywood professionals use proxies to work faster. Just because you have a beefy machine doesn’t mean you need to force it to work harder.

Jason Yadlovski lays it out for us in the video:

  • What is Optimized Media in Resolve
  • Defining Proxy Media
  • Pros and Cons of each
  • Where the files get stored
  • When to use one vs the other
  • How to relink proxy media if they’re created outside Resolve

It’s a quick tip but I hope it helps your workflow.

In summary, Optimized media works just fine if you’re working on your own.

Proxy media has much more flexibility for creating files to send or importing proxies that have been generated elsewhere.

The choice is yours, just remember to be good to your computer and use them!

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