Using Compound Clips to Improve Your Editing

Video from MrAlexTech YouTube Channel

Is your timeline stacked with oodles of elements? Have lots of complex creations you want to re-use? There’s a feature for that.

A messy timeline can impact your productivity. Having a simple way of grouping elements can improve your workflow, and keep you organized.

The Compound Clip feature is a great way to nest clips together so that you can apply effects, transitions, or a grade to multiple stacked clips.

In this video from MrAlexTech, you’ll learn:

  • 00:35 WHAT is it?!
  • 01:52 EDITING it
  • 02:55 What can you do with it?!
  • 03:36 Getting RID of it
  • 04:15 TIDY Timeline
  • 06:30 FACECAM
  • 09:19 POLAROID
  • 10:39 SPEED UP YO
  • 11:19 STACKED Transitions
  • 12:26 The NEGATIVE!

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