Intro to the Cut Page Interface for Beginners

If you’ve been using other NLEs for a while, the cut page may be a foreign concept for you.

Or if you’re new to editing entirely, getting started here might be daunting…

But once you get familiar with it you may find that the Cut Page in DaVinci Resolve is a quick and friendly way to assemble an edit very quickly.

I find it useful for assembly cuts, talking head videos, and multi-cam edits.

In this video from Daniel Grindrod, you’ll learn about:

  • 00:00 DaVinci Resolve Cut Page
  • 00:24 Main areas
  • 00:34 Customise UI
  • 01:16 Resolution
  • 01:25 Media Pool
  • 02:00 Viewer
  • 02:58 Timeline

What do you think? How are you finding the Cut Page?

If you want to really master using it, you may also enjoy using the Speed Editor.

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