Creating an Animated Scene – Fusion Motion Graphics

With a few graphics, custom shapes, and keyframes, you can make a really nice looking scene!

If you’re looking to make an animated scene, Fusion within DaVinci Resolve has lots of tools for great looking motion graphics.

Understanding shape nodes, backgrounds, masks, and merges open up a lot of possibilities, even if you’re new to the app.

In this video from Casey Faris, you’ll learn about:

  • Adding a background
  • Drawing shapes with Polygon mask
  • Merging a graphic
  • Duplicating shapes
  • Adjusting background resolution settings
  • Adjusting Polygons with ShapeBox
  • Animating the background
  • Adding Shape Nodes
  • Changing keyframes with Spline panel
  • Animating color with keyframes
  • Adjusting hues
  • Masking color correction
  • Combining masks

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