Demystify Color Releases Beyond Film Emulation DCTL, LUTs, and PowerGrades

Want some new film emulation options for your grades?

Resolve comes bundles with a couple, but the options are limited.

You don’t need to scour the internet for LUTs or expensive plugins, here’s a new simple solution.

Demystify Color has released Beyond Film Emulation, a pack of DCTLs, LUTs, and PowerGrades.

This pack is designed to be a flexible way to quickly apply complete stocks or elements so you can mix and match looks.

For example, you can apply the hue of a Fuji negative and the saturation of a Kodak print.

The pack includes 10 looks, which are available in LUTs, PowerGrades, and DCTLs (these require DaVinci Resolve Studio).

These tools are designed to be using in a color managed environment using DaVinci Wide Gamut, Arri Log C3, or ACES.

The website also notes that additional looks will be available as a free update later on.

The pack is available for a one time payment of €169 (about $180 USD).

To learn more or purchase, click here to check out Demystify Color’s Beyond Film Emulation pack.

You can see a walkthrough of the tools in use here:

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